Iceland was voted Best TV Location Featured

Iceland was voted Best TV Location

Radio Times conducted a poll recently where their readers chose the top 10 TV settings of 2013. Iceland was number one on their list after featuring HBO’s epic fantasy series, Game of Thrones.

Iceland – Game of Thrones

Here it is, the TV-show that topped all others last year, your number one location – Iceland. But, truth be told, this northern nation is just one of the incredible locations that features in HBO’s epic fantasy series, which has visited Malta, Croatia and Northern Ireland, to name but a few. Different locations are used to represent the various noble houses, all battling it out for the Iron Throne. Iceland brings active glaciers and blizzards to the drama, and is the backdrop for many of the scenes featuring Kit Harington’s Jon Snow (the bastard son of Eddard Stark). Snow leaves the wall that guards the Seven Kingdoms and ventures into an area where the mythical “white walkers” roam.

Must see: Scenes take place at Hofdabrekka Heath and Skaftafell in Iceland, where incredible blue ice sculptures, mountain ridges and the mountains known as the Frostfangs in the series can be seen. See page 13 for our Game of Thrones guide to Northern Ireland.

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