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Member of parliament, Mr. Ottarr Proppé Member of parliament, Mr. Ottarr Proppé

"We have been thinking about forming a parliament-band for the parliament party but it seems like it's the same problem here as elsewhere, there is a shortage of skilled drummers" said Óttarr Proppé (loosely translated), member of parliament for the party Bright Future. He is a backing vocalist in Iceland's contribution to Eurovision 2014.

Iceland has some pretty cool members of parliament

Mr. Óttarr Proppé has been a Member of Parliament for the Reykjavik South Constituency since 2013. He is also the current Deputy Speaker of parliament. Proppé has been a musician all his life. He was a member of the band HAM, an Icelandic rock band which was active in the years 1988 to 1994. They are often listed as a heavy metal band but have never categorized themselves as such. They did not attain significant popularity while active, but have gradually come to be acknowledged as an important part of Icelandic rock history. Today they command a cult following among many Icelandic rock enthusiasts.

Proppé was the singer of the band Dr. Spock, he also formed the punk band Rass (translation: Ass) and he has appeared in two movies: Sodoma Reykjavik and Englar Alheimsins. Ottar Proppé was also a member of the city council in Reykjavik for the Best Party. Jon Gnarr, the mayor of Reykjavik and chairman of the Best Party, is a good friend of Ottarr Proppé.

"I joined this almost without any notice. I come from the music business, of course, and I know the guys in Polla-Punk and I have worked with most of them at some point in the past. I assume that at some point they wanted to add to their act and contacted me" said Proppé about Iceland's Eurovision contribution. The band performing is called Polla-Punk. The song is called Enga Fordóma, but a direct translation is No prejudice

Members of parliament are rare at Eurovision

Ottarr Proppé is considering his next steps. He says that he only caught one practice with the band before they performed yesterday at the selection contest in Iceland where Iceland's entry was decided. Proppé said that he did not know if any incumbent members of parliament had performed at Eurovision but he has a tight schedule during next months. "I have gotten myself into this mess and I have to try to finish what I start" said Proppé smiling.


Iceland's contribution to Eurovision 2014

Here below you can see Iceland's contribution to Eurovision 2014, you can see Ottarr Proppé in the background wearing a purple training suit. The song will likely be performed in English at the contest, but the song was performed in Icelandic at the selection contest yesterday.


Here below you can see Ottarr Proppé perform the song Party Town with the band HAM at Eistnaflug music festival in Iceland 2011.


And here below you can see the campaign video for the Best Party that ran for the city council in Reykjavik in 2010, and won. You can see Ottarr Proppe singing in the video but Mayor Jon Gnarr from the Best Party has the main role in the video.



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