New Epic Techno Hit from Icelandic DJ MuscleBoy - VIDEO Featured

New Epic Techno Hit from Icelandic DJ MuscleBoy - VIDEO

Icelandic multi-artist - bodybuilder, fitness trainer, writer, DJ, model, singer, radio show host, TV and movie star, motivational speaker and more - Egill 'Gillz' Einarsson a.k.a. DJ MuscleBoy recently published a music video to his newest techno hit - LOUDER ft. StopWaitGo. Watch the video below!

Download MP3 version FREE

Click here to download a MP3 version of the song for your phone, computer iPod or MP3 player. Once you are on the website right click '01 LOUDER.mp3' and choose "save link as".

"The most respected DJ in the world"

DJ Muscleboy is better known in Iceland as Gillzenegger or Gillz but also as Störe, Stóri G, Big G, Þykki, G-Man, Man of Inspiration and more. He has written three best selling books about self-help and lifestyle on top of his blogs, columns and radio and TV work. Unfortunately for the world he hasn't published much in English, but there is still hope as Egill is only 33 years old.

DJ MuscleBoy is considered to be one of the most respected DJs in Iceland and his new video has made a remarkable success in Iceland, with over 118 thousand views in just 7 days. The song is now a big hit on Icelandic radio and will without a doubt be all over parties and clubs in Reykjavík this weekend and in the future.


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