Wu-Tang published a picture of an Icelander on Instagram Featured

The Icelander with a Wu-Tang beard The Icelander with a Wu-Tang beard

"I got a small shock and I never expected this" said Arnaldur Gretarsson, but the rapper Method Man from Wu-Tang Clan published a photo of Arnaldur on his Instagram page and sent him a message. The reason for this is that Arnaldur has a beautiful Wu-Tang Clan beard, that has now become world famous.

More rappers have published a picture of Arnaldur on their pages, for example Shabbazz the Disciple from Gravediggaz, but he came to Iceland just before the millennium. News pages in the US have also published the picture.

"The picture is in fact one year old. I put the picture on Facebook and then I did nothing more with it" explained Arnaldur. But the picture has traveled from his Facebook page to all corners of the internet, and ended up on Method Man's Instagram page.

"I was shocked when I saw the picture on his Instagram page. It was unbelievable to get a message from my hero" said Arnaldur who has been a Wu-Tang fan since 1993, when the album Enter the Wu-Tang: Return of the 36 Chambers was released.

People have called the beard Wu-Tang Killa beard according to Arnaldur, but that is a reference to an alias for the band, which is Wu-Tang Killa Bees.


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