Iceland's Eurovision contribution is 'completely annoying' Featured

Iceland's Eurovision contribution is 'completely annoying'

Iceland's Eurovision contribution this year is not considered to be likely to succeed according to a Carl Greenwood at the Daily Mirror. He gives the song two stars and said that the song is 'completely annoying'. In his article he wrote that the song has a good message, but still the whole song should be 'condemned'.

Carl Greenwood wrote:

"It's like a song from CBBC circa 1996 - only with a very modern message - unfortunately like most messages it's lost by how completely annoying the actual song is.

No Prejudice's message of, well, no prejudice, should be applauded but the rest of it - all two minutes, 51 seconds of it - should be condemned. It's like being in the brain of someone who needs Ritalin by the metric tonne. While they're on LCD. In the 60s. At a park sit in, surrounded by flower power and all that carry on."

At the end of the article Carl writes:

"Its single, solitary saving grace is that it will annoy Russian President Putin. I have visions of him smashing up his living room during the Eurovision final because someone in Europe is daring to not kowtow to his views, and that's just delicious."

Read the full article here, at the Daily Mirror.



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