Iceland finished 15th in Eurovision - VIDEO Featured

Iceland finished 15th in Eurovision - VIDEO

The Eurovision Song Contest finals took place this Saturday. Iceland finished in 15th place, out of 46. A relatively great success, leaving most of the nation quite happy. Austria won the competition with Conchita Wurst performing 'Rise Like a Phoenix'.

The Netherlands finished second and Sweden third.

"The European Super Bowl"

The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual music competition and sometimes considered to be like the Super Bowl of the European Union.

The participating countries all vote for each other with points from 1,2,3 and so on, up to 8, 10 and 12 points. The countries that awarded Iceland the most points were San Marino (8 points), France (7 points) and Italy (6 points).

Ricky Gervais made a joke on his Twitter page as he posted a photo of one of the Icelanders in Pollapönk performing on stage (as the band spelled out 'LOVE')

The band replied to Ricky, saying "He's OK, we promise!"

Here you can see the whole band spelling together:

Watch the Grand Final versions from Iceland and the winning song from Austria below:


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