Historic clips of Iceland released by British Pathé - VIDEO Featured

From British Pathé's clip from Reykjavík in 1931 From British Pathé's clip from Reykjavík in 1931

British Pathé is a Newsreel archive company in the UK which has posted various old and interesting clips on Youtube. They have also released historic clips from Iceland.

British Pathé released a few dozens of clips from Iceland - from 1931 to 1969.

The clips focus mostly on Iceland's beautiful nature along with the geothermal energy footage from all over. They also include clips from daily life in Iceland as well as clips from the military in Iceland.

Following are three of the videos from the archives.

Various scenic places in Iceland:


Hot springs in various locations in Iceland:


Reykjavík, Iceland in 1931:

Click here to visit British Pathé's Youtube channel

Click here to see Icelandiuc clips on British Pathé's website


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