Olafur Margeirsson

Olafur Margeirsson

Olafur Margeirsson (Olaf) is finishing his PhD Economics degree at the University of Exeter, UK. Prior to his postgraduate studies he worked as a macroeconomist at the Research Department of Kaupthing Bank in Iceland. He earned Distinction and Dean’s Commendation for his MSc. Money & Banking studies.

Parallel to his PhD research he has analysed and blogged about the financial system of Iceland, in particular the pension system and the peculiar way of indexing debt there. He has furthermore assisted official bodies on economic issues in Iceland.

Professional interests: Financial Stability, Macroeconomics, Banking, Economic History, Economic Development, Euro Zone
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Icelandic Pension System: Only 700 billion missing

The FSA in Iceland recently posted a new set of figures regarding the pension system back home. The bottom line: only 674 billion ISK missing (i.e. the total actuarial position is negative by 674 billion). That translates into just over 39% of GDP which is an improvement from the 2009 figure when the gap was a considerably worse 50% of GDP.

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