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The current majority in the city council of Reykjavik would keep its majority and their nine electives, if elections would be held now, according to a new poll made by the Social Science Institute at the University of Iceland. 

Currently, the largest party in the city council is The Best Party, led by mayor Jon Gnarr. He has declared that he will not seek reelection and most of the members of the Best Party will run for Bright Future in the coming election. The Best Party will be dissolved. Bright Future ran for parliament for the first time in the parliamentary elections earlier this year. Mayor Jon Gnarr was a candidate for the party, but did not make it into parliament. Bright Future did nevertheless get 6 MP's elected.

The Icelandic Pirate Party is running for the city council for the first time now. The party got 3 MP's elected in the parliamentary elections last April. According to the poll from the Social Science Institute the Pirate Party has 10.5% support in the upcoming city council elections. The Independence Party has 25% support, which is considerably less than what they got in the last city council elections, and they would loose one elective.

The Social Democratic Alliance, which forms the majority in Reykjavik together with the Best Party, is gaining support. According to the poll they have 22% support and would gain one elective. The Left-Green Movement has 8% support and the Progressive Party has 2.8% support.


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