Mayor Jón Gnarr: "I don't think the EU matters for Iceland at all" Featured

Mayor Jón Gnarr: "I don't think the EU matters for Iceland at all"

Iceland’s most famous comedian and Mayor of Reykjavík, Jón Gnarr, is leaving his seat this year. When asked if he is sure of his retirement, his answer is an absolute yes, “I’ve closed this chapter in my life” he told the Hive Reporters who recently interviewed him.

Following are interesting bits and pieces from the interview:

Hive Reporters: You stated in your political campaign that ‘The Best Party’ would be openly corrupt, how much of that became true in the following years of your political career ?

Jón Gnarr: In a simple way, you could say we have not at all been corrupt and quite the contrary, we’ve been unusually honest.

The European Union

JG: Like in terms of planet change, human rights, cultural exchange and cities are forming more and more global networks, green or peace cities. Democracy in general is changing, people are realizing this, especially young people.

Eventually countries, a worn out model, are going to disappear.

Countries usually have very difficult relationships and rarely productive ones. For example, Iceland had a debate with the EU. Take mackerel, we have had this ongoing for years and years, delegations going back and forth about mackerel and have had no conclusion yet, whilst Reykjavík is cooperating with cities in a completely different way.

HR: Actually is it important for Iceland to join the EU ?

JG: No, I don’t think it matters at all. The question of Iceland joining the EU or not is overrated. It’s not a make or break for the EU, nor a make or break for us either.

It’s just a new type of cooperation between people of different nationalities. Cooperation is far more productive on a municipal level than between countries.

In regards to climate change, for example, cities have a leading role.

ADD or Asperger? Both!

HR: A few articles mentioned you were misdiagnosed with mental disability as a child, is that true?

JG: I’m not sure if I was misdiagnosed (laughs)


JG: I have my limitations and I don’t remember what my thing is called in English. It’s a sort of maladaptive personality disorder

HR: Do you mean like ADD or Asperger ?

JG: Yeah a combination of those two and something else.

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