18 fighter jets at Keflavik airport in Iceland Featured

18 fighter jets at Keflavik airport in Iceland

The training project Iceland Air Meet 2014 formally began today. NATO organizes the project and Norwegian, Swedish, Finish, Dutch and American troops are participating. The project will last until February 21st and Norwegian fighter jets are currently taking care of airspace surveillance around Iceland.

The troops from Sweden and Norway count 110 soldiers, but around 300 soldiers will participate in total. 18 fighter jets are in Iceland now because of the project, along with 3 tanker aircraft's. This is the first time that Swedish and Finish troops participate in this kind of training in Iceland.

The Icelandic Coast Guard runs the NATO defense and safety systems around Iceland, and the Coast Guard manages the execution of the project on behalf of Iceland, but other institutions like ISAVIA also participate. The project has been in preparation for around one year.

The extent of the project:

Norway supplies 6 F16 fighter jets, and around 110 troops.

Finland supplies 5 F18 fighter jets, 2 NH-90 SAR helicopters and 60 troops.

Sweden supplies 7 JAS-39 fighter jets, one C-130 tanker aircraft and 110 troops.

The Netherlands supplies 1 KC10 tanker aircraft.

USA supplies 1 KC135 tanker aircraft.

NATO supplies one radar aircraft that will be located in Orland, Norway.


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