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Peaceful Protests outside the Parliament in Iceland on Feb 25th 2014 Peaceful Protests outside the Parliament in Iceland on Feb 25th 2014

Around 3000 people showed up yesterday in front of the Icelandic parliament to protest the withdrawal of Iceland from EU accession negotiation. 4000 people attended the demonstration two days ago. Today will be the third day of protests, starting at 5pm outside the parliament.

Both parties of the ruling coalition (The Independence party and the Progressive party) decided to put forth a proposal to end accession talks with the EU.

When this is written, 30,152 people have signed a petition against ending talks with the European Union. That is 12.5% of eligible voters in Iceland.

The two parties in government promised before the last parliamentary elections that the matter would be voted on saying that "the people will take the decision on EU accession by public referendum during the election term".

The PM plans to ignore the will of the Icelandic people

More people are incessantly joining the cause, especially after the PM's comments in the news two nights ago; that he plans to ignore the will of the majority of the Icelandic people, and comments by the leader of the coalition party in Kastljós news and talk show -  that he shamelessly plans to renege on his election promise to hold a referendum.

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Following are photos from yesterday's protests:

Photo courtesy of Sesselja Björnsdóttir


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