Icelandic girl became Bench Press World Champion Featured

Icelandic girl became Bench Press World Champion

Fanney Hauksdóttir became a world champion at the IPF Juniors' World Bench Press Championships 2014 in Rödby Denmark this past weekend. Fanney competed in the -63kg category and easily won when she lifted 135 kg. The second place lifted 120kg the most.

Fanney tried to set a new world record by lifting 145.5 kg but didn't manage. Maybe next time.

Before this competition Fanney's record was 115 kg. She became Icelandic Bench Press Champion earlier this year as well as Nordic Junior Champion.

Last year Fanney took home third place from the World Bench Press Championship. 

Her lift last weekend broke the Icelandic record in both the youth and the adult categories.

Remarkable strength

Few men can even lift the weights in question. And when you look at her size the achievement looks even greater.

Fanney was bench pressing 110 kg when she was still competing in the -57 kg category. Now, in the -63 kg category she's lifting 135 kg.

Congratulations Fanney!


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