Gunnar Nelson vs Zak Cummings tonight - VIDEO Featured

Gunnar Nelson vs Zac Cummings Gunnar Nelson vs Zac Cummings

Follow the camps of undefeated welterweight Gunnar Nelson and Zak Cummings as they prepare for their co-main event battle at Fight Night Dublin on Saturday night, exclusively on UFC FIGHT PASS - video below!

Icelandic MMA legend and jiu-jitsu black belt, Gunnar Nelson will take on Zak Cummings at the  UFC Fight Night Dublin tonight. The fights start at 8 pm local time, but Gunni's fight will be the second last of the evening.

Zak Cummings has an impressive record of 17 wins and 3 losses in his professional career. Gunni however has 3 wins and 0 losses in the UFC but his overall score is 12-0-1. That is 12 MMA pro fight wins and 1 draw.

Cummings will be over 10 kg (20 lbs) heavier than Nelson

After weighing in at around 77 kg yesterday, Cummings is expected to be 90-92 kg tonight when the fight takes place. Many fighters undergo extreme cuts to meet their required weight before a fight, and can then even gain 15 kg or more in the one and a half day they have before the actual fight. Gunni doesn't participate in such madness and fights as he is, around 77 kg.

Cummings is a giant amongst other welterweight fighters.


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