Hafthor Bjornsson is Europe's Strongest Man 2014 - VIDEOS Featured

Photo by David 'Parker' Jenkins from Facebook Photo by David 'Parker' Jenkins from Facebook

Hafþór 'Thor' Björnsson, strongman and Game of Thrones actor was recently crowned Europe's Strongest Man 2014

Following is a video with highlights from Hafthor's performance at Europe's Strongest Man 2014:


Check out Hafthor - The King of the Stones - in action at the Europe's Strongest Man 2014 competition. 


The following video shows Hafthor win the last event of the competition and officially and safely securing his title:

Deadlift World Record by Benedikt Magnússon

Super short interview and giant strong hug!

Another Icelandic strongman, Benedikt 'Benni' Magnússon was also competing with Hafþór in Europe's Strongest Man 2014 and Benni set a new deadlift world record by lifting 461 kg (1016 lbs). 

Check out the video of Benni below and pay attention to a the very short interview after the lift. Benni only answers "What did you say?!" and then walks about - pumped and satisfied after setting a new world record! You also see Hafthor and Benni hug towards the end.


Hafthor has become a world famous actor after starring as The Mountain in Game of Thrones.


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