Iceland lost against Spain - Draw against Hungary Featured

The preliminary round for the 2014 Men's European Handball Championship is over and Iceland made it through to the final 12. They started by winning Norway, then made a draw against Hungary and lost yesterday against Spain 28-33.

The match against Hungary went 27-27. Iceland was up to 3 goals ahead of Spain at times in their match, but lost it towards the end and dramatically lost against the sitting European Champions.

The top three teams in each group go through to the final 12 and teams from groups A and B will play together and C and D together.

Iceland is 4th in this round of six teams and will next play against Macedonia, Denmark and Austria. The goal is obviously to make it to the semi finals.

The teams took points from internal matches with them to this round and therefore the teams position is as follows:

1. Spain: 4 points
2. Denmark: 4 points
3. Macedonia: 2 points
4. Iceland: 1 point
5. Hungary, 1 point
6. Austria: 0 points

Iceland's next matches will be (Icelandic time):

Iceland - Austria Saturday 5:15 pm

Iceland - Macedonia Monday 3 pm

Iceland - Denmark Wednesday 7:30 pm


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