Margret Gnarr becomes Iceland's first IFBB professional - VIDEO Featured

Margret Gnarr becomes Iceland's first IFBB professional - VIDEO

Bikini fitness model Champion and taekwondo Champion, Margrét Gnarr recently became a Bikini Fitness Champion at the IFBB Women's World Championship 2013. She recently got the official pro card from the IFBB management and is therefore the first Icelander to become a IFBB professional.

Margret Gnarr competed at the IFBB Women's World Championship in 2012 but didn't make it to the top 15 (see photo below of 2012 vs 2013 looks). The judges comment was that she was too muscular, so with the help of her trainer, Jóhann Norðfjörð, she took 1 year off to get her physique down.



Loves candy but still eats mostly clean

New Facebook status from Margrét:

I always eat clean and healthy over the day but I sure love my candy!!
I have allowed myself to much candy since I got back home from Ukraine and I'm having a breakout on my face!!!
Thats it!! No more candy for a while!!
I have also been invited to couple of birthday parties where they serve cakes and my friend Tinna, who is an amazing baker ( Dont know if thats the right word), she invited me the other day to have home made American doughnuts and cakes!!

My friends and family just LOVE to see me eat something unhealthy!! haha!

Margrét's BIO

My name is Margret Gnarr and I am IFBB Bikini Pro.

I have been competing with the IFBB as an amateur since November 2011 and I competed 7 times as an amateur since then.
My greatest victory as an amateur is my first place win at the IFBB Women's World Championship 2013! After that contest I turned pro!

I come from the beautiful country Iceland in northern Europe.
Population 320.000 !
I am Iceland's first IFBB pro and extremely proud of that!!

I am also a black belt in Taekwondo and I have competed over 20 times in Olympic Taekwondo!
I am current Icelandic Champion in Olympic Taekwondo and was selected best female fighter


Following is a video with clips of Margrét Gnarr from the IFBB Bikini World Championship1245





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