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Reykjavik Cycling Club hosts the 16th annual Blue Lagoon Challenge on June 7th, 2014 in collaboration with the Blue Lagoon Spa. Below you can find information about the challenge.

Race Info

Event registration

Online registration: Click here
Early registration: ends June 1 (at 12:00 pm), ISK 5500.
Access to the Blue Lagoon and a light meal after the race is included in the fee.
This year, only one distance is available, the 60km.
60km race: Neutral start from Ásvallalaug (Hafnafjörður) sports-arena at 16:00, police escort to Kaldárselsvegur where timing starts.


60 km mens and womens. Age categories: 16-18, 19-29, 30-39, 40-49 and 50+.


Competitors in the 60km race can register teams of 3-5 riders. The overall score of the team is based on the three best finishing times. Awards are granted to first three male and female teams.


Firms are invited to register teams of 3-5 staffmembers for the firm-competition. The overall score of the team is based on the three best finishing times.


About the rules:

The rules are to ensure riders safety in the race. We urge every competitor to familiarize with these simple rules, and ride with their own safety as well as fellow competitors safety in mind. Riders are on their own responsibility in the competition.


Racers must wear helmets during the race.


Aerobars and TT-handlebars, or other comparable equipment is forbidden.
Short bar-ends are allowed (mounted on the edges of the handle bar).

The bike

All regular bicycle types are allowed in the race (excluding recumbents). The race organizers strongly recommend XC mountain bikes (26 or 29 inch wheels). Make sure that no unnecessary, loose equipment is attached to your bicycle, which could jeopardize your own safety or fellow competitors safety.


The road is open to general traffic and competitors are therefore asked to take extra caution. Competitors must obey traffic laws at all times. Corner marshalls are present in busy crossings and intersections, and directions are clearly marked on the road.
Under no circumstances are racers to leave anything on the track, such as empty gel sackets, containers, punctured tubes etc.
The race is open to everyone 16 years of age and older.
Competitors are at their own risk in the race.
The full length of the distance should be ridden on the same bike. It's not allowed to change bikes, anyhow, it is allowed to change all gear on the bike, e.g. wheels, tires, gears, breaks, fork, etc. as long as the frame is the same, and you have a mechanical damage. Outside help is not allowed.
The UCI Rules on XC-marathons are used as a guideline when judging the meet.

If you break the rules

There are no exceptions to the rules, competitors that do not follow these rules risk being pulled out of the race.

The Track

  Registration is at Ásvallalaug (Ásvellir 2, 221 Hafnarfjördur). Competiors ride with police escort to the start on Kaldárselsvegur (paved road) (approximately 3 km away, see map). Shortly after the race is started the riders turn right onto Hvaleyrarvatnsvegur (smooth gravel road). From Hvaleyrarvatnvegur, the race turns left onto Krísuvíkurvegur (paved road), which extends to approximately 8km, where riders turn right onto Djúpavatnsleið (approx 25 km). Djúpavatnsleið is a narrow gravel road, with varied composition from loose sand to rather rocky and bumpy surface. In heavy rain this part of the race gets muddy. The riders then turn onto old Suðurstrandavegur, a hard packed wide gravel road (often very bumpy) (approx 5km), and then switch to the new Suðurstrandavegur (paved road) all the way through Grindavík (town in the south part of Reykjanes). Shortly after Grindavík there is a coarse gravel path that takes the riders to within the last 3km of the race which is paved. The finish line is at the Blue Lagoon Parking area.

The total elevation gain on the track is about 600m.


For more info click here


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