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Professor Baldur Þórhallsson video conferencing Professor Baldur Þórhallsson video conferencing

Baldur Þórhallsson, Professor at the UI‘s Faculty of Political Science participated in a Q&A with the Scottish parliament‘s European and External Relations Committee last week. The discussions were regarding the referendum on Scotland‘s independence. Two other specialists in the affairs of small states took part as well.

The meeting took place via teleconferencing equipment and Professor Þórhallsson stayed at the University of Iceland talking to the Scottish members of parliament stationed in the parliament building in Edinburgh. They meeting took an hour and a half and is part of the parliamentary evaluation of how an independent Scotland would fare within the EU.

Þórhallsson elaborated on the possibilities of small states within the EU; which problems they face and their means of influence. Modus operandi is vital; including priorities of issues, according to Þórhallsson. It is important to seek opportunities for leadership in areas that concern their economic and political interest and systematically build alliances with representatives from other countries.
It was apparent from the meeting that members of parliament are preoccupied with whether Scotland could possibly have more influence as an independent state within the EU than as a part of Great Britain.

Scots will vote on the independence of Scotland on 18 September this year.

Source: University of Iceland

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