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Bars and pubs in Iceland


Reykjavík is famous for its lovely cafés and vibrant nightlife. It is said that the city has become one of the hottest destinations for nightlife in Europe. We leave it to you to judge whether this statement is true and encourage you to try as many venues as possible. A piece of advice to "first-timers": Do not expect to see many people downtown on weekends between 9 PM and 11 PM (but you'll see a many tourists). The nightlife does not really start until midnight, mostly because many people are at private parties until then. One of the reasons might be the notoriously high prices for alcoholic beverages. Those who do not go to parties usually visit the cafés and bars instead, before going to the clubs.

There is a thin line between the Icelandic clubs/discos and the bars/pubs. Most places act as restaurants and/or coffee shops during the day but dim the lights and turn up the music in the night which changes the atmosphere accordingly, especially on weekends.

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Nightlife in Iceland (clubs and discos)

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Bars and pubs in Iceland

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