Restaurants in Iceland

One of the most pleasant experiences of any holiday abroad is trying out the local cuisine and traditional delicacies. This is no exception for visitors to Iceland.

Icelandic fine dining restaurants have changed dramatically in the past few years, with many chefs incorporating fresh new ingredients into popular traditional Icelandic dishes. The result has been an explosion of culinary inventiveness and worldwide recognition for several Icelandic restaurants.

If you’re looking for a more traditional Icelandic meal, then don’t worry. While menus have grown to reflect the influence of ingredients from around the world, much pride is taken in offering travellers a taste of a real Viking feast. Seafood dishes are fresh and hearty, and Iceland’s free-range lamb is some of the finest you will ever have the pleasure of tasting.

You’ll find a short list of recommended restaurants in Iceland below. (COMING SOON)

For a comprehensive list of (almost) all restaurants in Iceland, visit restaurants.is


In Iceland you can find all kinds of:


Seafood Restaurants

Fast Food Restaurants


Various Restaurants



Icelandic National Food vs Icelandic Traditional Food

Iceland has become famouse for its unconventional traditional food. Food like rotten shark, boiled sheep heads, ram testicles, blood sausages and more. The shark for example is most often washed down with Icelandic Black Death Liquor, known as 'Brennivín'. Some of the traditional food is actually more desireable, like smoked lamb meat and dried fish with butter.

We still challenge everyone to at least try the traditional foods, to better understand what the Vikings ate and some even still eat today. Also you might want to earn one of those to put up in your kitchen at home.

But BE CAREFUL not to confuse our traditional foods with Icelandic National Delicacies, such as various fresh fish dishes, unique and tender Icelandic lamb steaks, great milks products like yougurts and 'skyr' as well as amazing icecream that you can find all over the country in a different version in endless icecream stores.



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