Crystalapse: Wonders of Iceland - VIDEO Featured

Crystalapse: Wonders of Iceland - VIDEO

Filmed over 2 weeks in Iceland in March 2014 - by Blue Eden. A journey into the shadows of ice caves and lights of the aurora (the Northern Lights). The crystal ice caves are very blue, sunlight filtering through glacial ice. Check out the amazing video below.

The caves are fleeting, changing every year and can only be entered during the cold of winter. We were lucky to catch the aurora too, also visible only during the winter while the sun sets. It's a magical moment standing before something so cosmic.

I had originally imagined this would be a cold and horrible trip, but.... even the desolate landscape was so simple it was beautiful. That's not to say it wasn't cold - in our second week, a snowstorm hit and the car got stuck multiple times in snow amidst hail and wind. Pushing & hauling were indeed necessary.

There is a surprise ending. After setting up the tripod, I pretended to take a simple photo of ourselves... when suddenly, I "found" something on the ground... ;) It was a moment frozen in time(lapse).

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