Travel Guide - Iceland

Restaurants, Accommodation, Tours, Excursions, Places to see, Activities and much more...

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How to get to Iceland - Booking and general information

Flights, Ferries and Cruise Ships

You can travel to Iceland by airplane. There are many airlines that fly to Iceland all year round. You can also come to Iceland by a ferry, then you can bring your own car or caravan. Many people also visit Iceland by cruise ships.

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Accommodation in Iceland

Hotels, Guesthouses, Farm accommodation, Apartments and more

In Iceland you can find all kinds of accommodation. Everybody can find something that suits their taste. We recommend that you book accommodation in advance, especially during the summer. You can find everyting from cabins and farm accommodation to luxury hotels.

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Getting around in Iceland

Rental cars, domestic flights, buses, ...

There are many good car rentals in Iceland where you can find all types of cars. But you can also travel by bus or by plane in Iceland. You can stay in the capital and take bus tours, long or short, anywhere you want. Find out more:

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Bus tours and Excursions in Iceland

Short tours, Day tours and Longer Tours Around Iceland

In Iceland you can select from hundreds of different excursions and sightseeing tours. You can take short day tours, full day tours or longer tours. The South Coast is popular, but the highlands and the rest of the country is also great.

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Activities in Iceland

Horse riding, ATV, Glacier Hiking, Caving, Snowmobiling, Whale Watching and much more

In Iceland you can select from thousands of great activities. Everybody can find something of interest. Glacier hiking, whale watching and caving is popular but there are countless other activities all around the country. Find out more:

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Places to see in Iceland

National parks, Glaciers, Waterfalls, Northern Lights and other natural wonders

In Iceland you will find amazing landscapes that you have never seen before. Glaciers, Volcanoes, Hot Springs, Geysers, Black sand beaches, lava fields and so much more. During winter you can also see the Northern Lights. Find out more:

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Restaurants and diners in Iceland

Icelandic National Food, Seafood, Steakhouses, Fast food and similar places

The seafood in Iceland is something you don't want to miss. Also be sure to taste the Icelandic shark and wash it down with an Icelandic schnapps. You can find great restaurants of various kinds all around the country.

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Bars, pubs and the night life in Iceland

Learn all about the best places and Icelandic drinks

The night life in Iceland is great, especially during summer. Be sure to find the best bars, clubs and of course the best Icelandic drinks. In Iceland you can find a great variety of local beers but also local whisky, schnapps, shots and other drinks.

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Museums, landmarks and Icelandic art

The National Museum, Viking Museums, Saga museums, Sculptures, Paintings and more

Be sure to visit the Nation Museum of Iceland in the capital. There are also many other great museums in the capital and all around the country. Learn about vikings, Icelandic culture, sculptures and arts. Find out more:

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Shopping in Iceland. Clothing, Souvenirs, Jewellery and more

Design Clothing, Woolen Sweaters, Icelandic Jewellery, Shopping Malls and much more

You can find beautiful designer clothing and designer jewellery in Iceland. The Icelandic woolen sweater is also very popular. It is also popular to visit the malls where you can find all kinds of great Icelandic merchandise.

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Map of Iceland

Get familiar with the county - Design your own itinerary

Explore a map of Iceland. You can find places of interest and even design your own itinerary. If you are going to the highlands of Iceland it is also recommended that you study the area well before you go.

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